Episode 51

Less Fear, More Community

March 28th, 2019

11 mins 38 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

On Episode 51, I continue my chat with Beth Monaghan about fear and the future of PR. Beth and I started our talk about her thoughts last time. This time, we journey into the real world and her thoughts about the power of community, finding common ground, what’s happening in PR in the era of fake news and me too, and what she sees happening in marketing in the coming months and years. Hope you enjoy the rest of the chat.

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Episode Links

  • Fear and the Future of PR — At a recent exhibit about propaganda at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, a plaque nearby World War I and II posters read: “For propaganda to work, it needs simple stories: good vs. bad; forward vs. backward; us vs. them.” This sounded far too familiar. It recalled the firehose of scary headlines and polarizing comments that make up my social media feed these days. I’m among those who’ve deleted Facebook from my phone...with great relief, not just because my feed is negative but because there is so much of it.
  • InkHouse Website — InkHouse is breaking the agency mold. We value progress over process, believe in data analytics, and that we’re only as good as the work we did yesterday. We have 100+ people, 3 offices, are 11 years old and one of the fastest growing agencies in the country.